Badass Mom Runs Half-Marathon While Pushing Her Triplets in a Stroller

Running a half-marathon is no easy feat. But somehow Suzy Goodwin makes it look easy, even while pushing a stroller with her three (occasionally screaming) toddlers in tow.

And she's got us feeling all kinds of inspired. “The great thing about running as a sport is that it grows with you,” Goodwin told People. “When you become a parent, it's less individual and more something you can share with your kids.”

This isn't Goodwin's first rodeo race. The mother of triplets has completed more than 50 marathons and ultramarathons. But this was the first one where she had to stop and change a dirty diaper before crossing the finish line. On the bright side, she found running is a surefire way to get her kids to zonk out.

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Goodwin ran to raise money for the neonatal intensive care unit at her local hospital, Cape Fear Valley Health, where her triplets spent their first two months. Plus, she's petitioning the Guinness Book of World Records to start a new category: completing a half-marathon pushing a triple stroller. Regardless of whether she becomes a record holder, she's still a hard-core champ in our books.