How to Choose the Healthiest Beer, Wine, and Cocktails [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hitting the bar isn't quite as healthy as, say, hiking; but it doesn't have to be a calorie-fest, either. Staying on track while drinking is all about making smart choices (and remembering those choices in the morning-drink a glass of water per alcoholic bev to stay alert and hydrated).

Here, we've broken down popular types of booze by alcohol percent by volume (or ABV), calories per serving, and calories from alcohol (CFA) score. We calculated CFA by multiplying the ABV by the calories in the equivalent volume of pure ethanol and then dividing that number by the calories in each given beverage. Yep, it hurt our brains, too. If you're looking to get tipsy and still show off those hard-earned muscles, stick to drinks with a higher CFA number (the CFA scale ranges from 0 to 100, just like a test in school). And don't forget about the mixers-stick to low-cal options like club soda, lime juice, or diet soda.

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Note: Drink types produced by a wide variety of companies (e.g., wine) and with many flavors and styles (e.g., margarita mix and cider) may vary from bottle to bottle. The data below represents an average of the most common and popular varieties.

Research by Sophia Breene. Graphic by Kim Steinhilber

Special thanks to GetDrunkNotFat.com for supplying the nutrition information for this graphic. For more in-depth information or details on types of alcohol not listed here, check out the Get Drunk Not Fat app.

What's your favorite healthier cocktail? Share with us in the comments below!